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Learn Swedish online 24/7, no matter where you are located
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We can help your organization with

Fluency and speed of speech

You might feel that your listeners get impatient because it takes some time for you to find the correct words in a conversation. We can provide opportunities for you to practice and work with techniques that will help you speak as fast as a native speaker.

Understanding different Swedish pronunciations

As if it weren’t enough of a challenge to learn a completely new language, it may also be of vital importance to be able to adapt to the accent used in different regions. Our teachers are familiar with many different pronunciations.

Presentations and speech content

Save time by learning how to outline a scheme that can be applied to most presentations in Swedish, with vocabulary that will apply to introduction, body and conclusion. The audience will be more than thankful that you took the time to prepare before the actual presentation.

Cross-cultural communication

It is not that we mean that you need to be constantly concerned with what you say or do in order for others not to misinterpret you, these kind of “blunders” that we all make when communicating in a language different from our own, will make great anecdotes to share at a party, and can be wonderful ice-breakers.  Despite this, you may want to decipher hidden and subtle language. We can help your message, not your mistake, to become  the center of attention.

Holding a meeting in Swedish

What is a common meeting situation like in Sweden? When would be a good time to propose a “fikapaus”(coffee break)?

Practice the meeting situation with us before you find yourself in the middle of a long meeting that seems to lead to nowhere, learn how to start and end a meeting with elegance.

Specific vocabulary content such as business idioms and jargon

By using a wider as well more specific vocabulary you will sound like you really know what you are talking about. Take a course with us and learn how to get attention from your listeners by using the right words.


Translation services